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Several years ago I clearly heard a priority mandate from the Lord: “Raise up leaders.” Obviously biblical, clearly strategic. I knew I was hearing God. The question then became, “How to fulfill the mandate?”The Wellspring School of Leadership (WSL) has been birthed out of that quest. WSL grows out of the culture of Wellspring Church and has a vision for training and equipping Kingdom leaders.

Truth. Integrity. Authority. These are watchwords for the venture and vision of WSL: intentional spiritual formation that forges leaders of integrity; truth-based, rigorous instruction and study; immersion in the dynamics of the Kingdom and practical training in how to minister in the anointing of the Spirit.

I am excited to announce that the Wellspring School of Leadership is open for Kingdom business!

Rick McKinniss
Senior Leader, Wellspring Church

Why the School of Leadership?

Become the leader
you want to follow.